Monday, April 7, 2014

Overwhelmed by Grace

Your beautiful heart is shining out of your face
Shadowed by sadness, touched by sorrow
That's overwhelmed by an overarching grace.

All of the years of sorrow, years of joy,
The anger at abuse and betrayal bent you, though
Still, your beautiful heart is shining out of your face

Betrayal by one that should have kept you safe
Inspired hatred that could have been your crippling blow
But was overwhelmed by an overarching grace

Dissolved as you protected one who should have, in your place
Protected you, but they too had been brought so low
And your beautiful heart is shining out of your face

It's hard to understand, I don't think in your place
Most could have healed and loved and endured to grow
Overwhelmed by an overarching grace.

But still that pain is there, and it still makes you restless,
Still your heart is scarred.  But we all want you to know
Your beautiful heart is shining out of your face
Overwhelmed by an overarching grace.

Loosely inspired by Susi Q who told me to write a poem with the first line in it, but dedicated to millions and millions of people who turn suffering, abuse, hatred, and betrayal into a refiner's fire that forges a golden heart.  It's sad that this poem could fit so many.


  1. Mmmm. I loved this. I think you do speak for all who have survived abuse and neglect of all sorts. I am an Adult Child, among other things, and this is exactly how I feel about the hurts of my past. We do have that beauty shining out of our faces! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am also a survivor but someone else inspired this.

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful piece. And of course that line gets me each time. I feel I could remember the words to this, might as I would a love song. Thank you for the writing, thank you for having been inspired by something I said, as that compels me to tell my stories so that others are inspired. And again thank you for those millions whose voices go unheard; those who have lost the battle and succumbed to what they know. I will repost.

    1. I am so happy happy happy you liked it. I worried a little you wouldn't.