Monday, July 17, 2017

Scars are Beautiful

Your scars are beautiful
They're part of who you are
Your scars are beautiful
They go with you so far

They keep you centered and
They keep you in the now
They chill the pain and they
Make you see just how

You are here right now you
Suffer but you know
That you still've got a chance
To make it even though

Your heart is full of pain and
You don't know if you'll make it through the day
You suffer every day
But every day there's a ray

Of hope and beauty shining
Through your life and
I support you when the best you can
Do is cut to live to make your stand

I support you.

(This poem, while heartfelt, is pretty horrible. Don't judge. I know.)

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Set me on fire, oh
How I want to feel love, my
Quotidian life is
Bringing me down

Make it a blaze, I'll
Come for you, strong,

Maybe we'll burn in the flame.

I See You

I'm sorry, nine-thirty at night you're
Walking on a semi-dark street and
Out I come fresh from my sangha
Happy that everything is put away and
I'm free to go and I see you flinch

Young. Woman. Alone. And. Here
Pops out a big man (sounds nicer than fat)
And I see you flinch and hesitate and my
Heart breaks for you. I wish you could feel safe.
I know you are right. That's survival instinct.

The neighborhood is not that nice even
Though I just came out of a First Unitarian
Universalist Church building. Nineteenth
Century Historic Landmark but
You don't know that. Go with love.