Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Bullet To The Heart

She takes care of everyone
She holds and cherishes
And buys the shot and
Just wants
She just wants
She hurts
She can't take care of everyone and
That is a bullet through her heart
A compass rose leading to redemption
She redeems our souls.
She redeems our souls.
She is a goddess
A goddess on
A goddess on Earth
We all worship her.

Have to Find It

There's such a balance here --

Some, to me, make words
Insipid -- Uninteresting --
Amateurist??? (My word)

That sounds bold and
Mean. Doesn't it? But wait!
I don't mean it. I know
That when I judge a poem the
Harshest -- the universe will
Always flock and shower praise
On it -- soaking it's roots, helping me
To see that it is only me. I do not have
Clear vision. If you can love a poem, I
Need to learn, (I NEED IT)
How to stand where
You stand and learn to look at it again and
Find a love of more words
More words
More words
It's humbling
I want to be humble

Love you


Oh! Fun --
ambulatory --
What a crazy great name for a
Tightrope walker. When I sit and
I don't think and
I aware at my -- I don't know
My being?
My -- could it be my aware?
Can I aware at my aware?
That's exactly when I
Feel like I'm walking on
A tightrope
Full of awareness
Only a misstep from
Avoiding waking up.
Such a marvel
Finding the way
Step by step
To freedom


I hate to assert copyright on my poetry
It is yours and mine and
The worlds. I
Didn't write it I
Found it
There it was
Waiting, poor baby
I pick it up and cuddle and
Stroke and love it and
I never want it to be alone
Oh -- it's purring!
Will you care for it?
You can take it, even
Say it is yours
I can find a multitude more