Friday, January 30, 2015


They walked quickly
I smiled to see them
Holding hands I thought
It seemed
So Romantic
But then i saw their faces

Each of them had that look
You know
When someone is stiff
Because they don't want
Their hand held?
Each of them angry
Around the eyes.
Each of them with that same
Slight. Cringe. Away.

As we passed i saw
Minimal touching
Stiff index fingers entwined
I wrote their stories for blocks.

Manic Shyness

She was amazed to find
Herself so over the top

Everyone responding she thought
To her energy, to her mania

Maybe this is what it's like
To be charismatic

Then someone asked,
Are you OK? You seem so quiet.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


I am losing myself
Bit by bit piece by piece
Forgetting the day
Forgetting the month
Forgetting the year

Forgetting the whats.
I remember that I knew
But it is gone.

Then the hows.
My brain knew how to think
Hard things. Complicated things.
It knew how to learn new hard things.
Now? All gone.

Now are going the thats
I am startled to read things
I wrote. I knew things that
Now I can't remember I knew.
In spite of the evidence.
I can't recover how to know that.

The other day someone scared me.
In a quarter block I forgot.
I spent days triggered in PTSD
and didn't know why.
I didn't remember that
It happened.
Then days later I did.
How did I forget that?

I am trickling away.
I am trickling away.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Leaving of the Dark

The winter solstice
They call it the coming of the light
They call it the coming of the light
It is not the coming of the light.

That's not the truth.
It is still the the time of the dark.
It is the time of the dark.
It is the time of the dark.

The dark is not done.
It is not gone.
There is still more dark than light
There is much more dark than light.

If you want to speak of the coming
If you want to speak of the light
Wait for the equinox.

Then, with the Spring comes the light.
It is the day of the balance.
It is a day of balance.
The next day there is more light than dark.

Now we still have the dark
We still have its gentle peace
We still have its somber quiet
It is my time
Do not hurry it away.
I am of the dark.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Are we assembled?
Each of us here,
Each of us with all our parts
Each of us coming together
Whether ready or not
Each of us becoming
Though searching,
Thinking, wait,
I need.
My parts!
Each of us perfect
Each of us here
Each of us with all our parts
Coming together
Each with the Other
In Holy Assembly.