Tuesday, July 3, 2018

What about Women

It is such a conundrum
Many women preen when given
Attention but is that a betrayal
Of a recognition of women
Of — Women's rights
Of — Women's values?

I do not know, they
Preen for me they are worth it I
Hope that they see
That it
I am so confused how
To reconcile my desire

I care
I care for the half that is woman
Because I swear to
Have compassion for all beings
This I swear
I swear compassion for all beings
We are all worth it
We are all humans

We are all worth it
Some of us need the others
We are consumed by our
Need for the gender others
By our lack of
By our need for other

Our genes drive our need
Their desire for me
Genes drive our need for
Their desire for me

Some Times A Neck

Sometimes a neck is
Not just a neck
It is poetry and joy
And grace and desire
It is need and perfection

Some times
A neck is everything
More than the universe
More than perfection

Can't Tell

I can't tell
Touch of life
Touch of death
It's all the same