Sunday, December 17, 2017

Holy Enlightenment

As I see the holiness in things
It occurs to me; what sees?
What perceives?
Not who, not my me,
But the what sunk below
The what that watches
As thoughts drift by (not thoughts)
The one that can see (not sight)
What I feel and touch (not sensation)
And smell (not smell) -- what perceives?

Then I realize that the question
When I see the holiness in things
Is not who or what perceives these
But how? How is the knowing of
The sacred? How do I (what is I?)
Recognize -- wait -- not perceive but
Recognize -- wait -- all is holy and
I, my what, my being then is holy
And now it feels closer
I'm catching the smell

I perceive through my holiness?
My holiness merges with its holiness?
We merge? Holiness to Holiness?
Realize we are not separate.
Not realize -- are, just are.

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